The Glossary of Leather Terms on the IULTCS website is an extract from a European funded project under the Leonardo programme "Eureka". The "Eureka" technical leather dictionary in 9 languages is produced on a CD-ROM and is available for purchase (see below).

This shortened English extract for the IULTCS Glossary is reproduced by kind permission of the Partners in the Leonardo project, namely:

· Lederinstitut Gerberschule Reutlingen (LGR), Germany: Mr Haidle

· ELKEDE Technology and Design Centre, Greece: Mr Papakonstantinou

· BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd, United Kingdom: Mr John Williams

· COTANCE - Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community: Mr Gonzalez-Quijano

· Rovesta Environment I/S, Denmark: Mr Stephan Rydin

· Centre Technique du Cuir (CTC), France: Mr Folachier

· Inst. De Cercertare Dezvoltare Textile-CERPI (ICPI), Romania: Mrs Albu

· Stazione Sperimentale per L'Industria Delle Pelli e Delle Materie Concianti (SSIP), Italy: Dr Fabris

· Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias de Curtidos y Anexas (AIICA), Spain: Dr Adzet

· Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias do Couro, Portugal: Mr Martinho

The FULL CD-Rom is produced in 9 languages as follows:
Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, English, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish.

This CD-Rom may be purchased from the representative of the Leonardo "Eureka" Partnership:

G Gonzalez-Quijano Secretary General COTANCE Rue Belliard 3B-1040 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32 2 512 77 03 Fax: +32 2 512 91 77

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